Sunday, December 2, 2007

Penang Youth Park (Taman Belia)

The Penang Youth Park (Taman Belia) is full with GREEN GREEN colour and nice landscape. Plant with all kinds of trees and flowers with cool and fresh air environments. The park equipped with a big playground, gym for adults and beautiful swimming pools (Kolam Rekreasi). Sometime can see a monkey there searching food.

1.) Beautiful Landscape.

2.) Playground for children.

3.) Gym equipments for adults.

4.) Swimming Pools (Kolam Rekreasi)

5.) Monkey enjoying peanuts.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Missy Donut In Gurney Plaza Ground Floor

Missy Donut originated from Japan. Today having an official opening ceremony. They invited Hong Kong actor ERIC TSANG for the opening ceremony.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Batu Maung

Sam Poh Footprint Temple is located in Batu Maung and near the seaside. You can see a huge left footprint on a stone inside the temple. Local peoples believed that it is belonged to Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho (Zhenghe) locally known as Sam Poh, who treaded across this area while exploring the Malay peninsula during his voyage across the world.

Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant at the right side of the Sam Poh Footprint Temple. The outdoor seats are available too. I like to sit at outdoor seat because i like to enjoy the beautiful scenery as well. The taste of foods is not bad and the prices is reasonable.

There is a mini ferry port at the left side of the Sam Poh Footprint Temple.

Batu Maung Fishing Village.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Taman Rimba Anjung Indah

Taman Rimba Anjung Indah allocated at 3.1km of Jalan Tun Sardun (new road to Balik Pulau). There are 2 ways can go to Jalan Tun Sardun. One is from Relau and the others one is from Paya Terubong. This is a nice place for relaxation.

The panoramic view of Balik Pulau.

This is the right place for you to see sunset.

The place was foggy after rained and weather is cold compared to nether land.

Taman Rimba Anjung Indah have a few Malay food stalls and Sky Hill Seafood Restaurant which is allocated 100 meter up to the hill. Business hours start at evening time.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Balik Pulau

Last week i brought my son, sister and niece went to Balik Pulau. We purposely went there for "cari makan" finding food. A famous wet market there called Pasar Balik Pulau. In this market you can find the famous foods well known by penangite is Laksa and Pasembur. Besides you also can get Penang products,like example preserved fruits (nutmeg, mango and papaya), nutmeg juice, nutmeg oil,nutmeg cream, crackers (fish & prawn), belachan, prawn paste and rice beauty powder (in malay called bedak sejuk) too. But i think very rare penangite (which not staying in Balik Pulau) know about the cheaper and delicious satay down there. If you want to know more about this satay stall then go to read my previous post dated on 15th November 2007. All the stalls at Pasar Balik Pulau will be moved to newly build market on this coming 1st December 2007. If you using the new road from Jalan Tun Sardun to Balik Pulau, you can see this new market (Kompleks Pasar Awam Balik Pulau) at your right side when you reach Balik Pulau.

There are 3 ways you can go to Balik Pulau.
1.) From Teluk Kumbar (Bayan Lepas), it is called "OLD Road" by penangite.
2.) From Teluk Bahang.
3.) From Jalan Tun Sardun, it is called "NEW Road" by penangite.

I am from Paya Terubong and turn to the right is Jalan Tun Sardun. This is the new road to Balik Pulau.

About reaching Balik Pulau, this is the road from Jalan Tun Sardun.

Balik Pulau.. I'm coming..!

The right side is the Balik Pulau Bus Station (NEW!).

Kompleks Pasar Awam Balik Pulau (NEW!) so big and nice. Started on this coming 1st December 2007.

Side view of Kompleks Pasar Awam Balik Pulau.

From new road Jalan Tun Sardun to Balik Pulau, you will be reached this "T" junction and you turn to your left then you can see the current Pasar Balik Pulau.

Beside of the current Pasar Balik Pulau.

Current Pasembur Stall.


Current Laksa Stall.

Fresh Nutmeg With Preserved Plum Juice

Penang Products stalls in the current Pasar Balik Pulau.

Penang Products stalls in the current Pasar Balik Pulau.

When Durian (The King Of Fruits) season arrive, you can see durian stalls anywhere of Balik Pulau road side. Besides durian, you also can see rambutan and mangosteen too.

Below is the photo of Durian, Rambutans and Mangosteens.